• My coach was extremely patient and pleasant throughout all the sessions.  He demonstrated good listening skills and was able to immediately help me reflect and guide my thinking when I struggled to find those answers or solutions that were right for me.  He made me feel comfortable and helped me realize that there were no wrong or right answers or solutions to the questions or problems; I had to discover what best would work for me and help me be successful.

    He has an abundance of experiences and knowledge working with people, so he easily knew when to use analogies and stories to help clarify my thinking and some of the questions he asked me.  His teaching experience and knowledge of diverse cultures and people just confirmed how people are more alike than different and the importance of relationships and knowing people.

     His knowledge of business and corporate practices also enhanced the coaching sessions.  It was easy for me to connect my experiences and knowledge of leadership in education to the questions, stories, and analogies he shared.  I will add many of his stories/analogies which were not connected to the business; they were connected to life in general!

     I think one of the greatest strengths demonstrated by coach was his ability to help me reflect and summarize what I took away from each session. 

     Yatin a professional at all times, appropriately used humor during the sessions.   This was truly a great coaching experience for me!  I highly recommend Yatin for coaching in any area

    Deborah E. Jones
    Greensboro, USA
  • Yatin came into the coaching experience structured with tools at hand and then I feel he realized the magic of letting go of the agenda to be in the ebb and flow with the client remaining very present with active listening to support client awareness, clarity and shifts.  He was clear and direct with sharing feedback and he went beyond what I said in assessing my concern with time, not getting hooked on my perception that "my time is so valuable."  He paraphrased to ensure clarity and understanding with proper use of analogy and metaphor to show support, illustrate a point, paint a picture or clarify my perception.  He brought in tools he created for inspection and reflection to reframe perspective and shift to what will serve the client.  Yatin is a Creative Coach who is very committed and in this place is his greatness.  This was an enlightened coaching experience for me to which I am grateful to Yatin. "

    " I have been very pleased with the coaching received from Yatin. During the sessions Yatin provided several very good "stories", which changed my perspective in professional and personal life. It really helped me to increase my self-awareness.

    Through all the sessions Yatin has facilitated the journey to achieving my goals. Due to the coaching, I feel much more confident with my circumstances now.

    Lene Brendstrup
    Beijing, China
  • As part of my ICA requirements I was looking for a peer coach and Yatin got in touch with me and offered me his support by being my peer coach. He has a well set process of engaging the clients, this consists of What is a coach to role and responsibility and expectations. and we went through this process.

    In the 4 sessions I had with Yatin, I always found that there was complete presence of the coach in the sessions. He created a safe space for the discussions. He displayed that he values his and my time. He managed the sessions well with his goal being that I as his client find the answers for myself and he did not lead me to answers.

    Coach Yatin came across to me as someone who is genuinely keen on supporting me as a client. I like his way of working, using analogies and life experiences as part of the sessions.

    Khalid Nizami
  • Yatin is highly knowledgeable and is well equipped with all the required tools of an excellent coach. Listed below are some of his outstanding qualities:

    1. Yatin is highly disciplined.
    2. He maintains integrity of commitment.
    3. He is endowed with great listening skills.
    4. He is highly motivating.
    5. He is adept at enthusing life and verve in every coaching session.
    6. His powerful questioning skills are par excellence.
    7. He always follows the action plan closely.
    8. He offers a very safe, secure and comfortable space for the client.
    9. He adheres to the ICA core competencies with ease.
    Sunita Chhibar
    Mumbai, India
  • I am extremely delighted with Yatin's professional approach during the coaching. His unique abilities are bringing intellectual to the table, analogies, humor and powerful questioning. He has a natural talent in sharing perspectives in forms of stories and anecdotes. These help the coachee to reflect and give direction to a completely new perspective.
    He also supported me adequately in instilling a sense of accountability within me for completing my actions.

    Vidhya S
    Bangalore, India
  • The Coach uses paraphrasing very effectively for reflection. I also found him quite willing to explore varied aspects like credit - debit analysis which gave me a more rounded perspective as a client. Listening is good and so is maintaining silence. Another aspect is his use of humour. Yatin brings in a lightness and that helped me as I was attaching too much significance to my issues. This also helped me to be more detached and to arrive at my own solutions

    Dhruv Sen
    Bangalore, India
  • My Coach, Yatin is a very matured, well read and highly self-aware person. He has a very good sense of humour which he uses occasionally to make a point, which is very good.

     As a Coach, he was always respectful and never once gave a feeling of a person whose knowledge level was far higher than mine. He never gave any suggestions and always listened patiently. I would also like to acknowledge him for sharing his knowledge/reflections liberally throughout the coaching sessions.

     Yatin was also very flexible, rescheduling the sessions as and when required. I found him to be very methodical, very punctual and always had a story to share.

     I am grateful to Yatin for agreeing to be my Coach and help me in my Coaching certification journey.

    Mukesh Sharma
    Bangalore, India
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