• Yatin has been a great motivator, highly strong on HR matters. He knows how to find the scope of improvement in his subordinates and ACTUALLY does his best to explore those areas of development. He, as a person, will be always missed.

    Rajesh Arya
  • While Aptitude is important, it is often observed that one's  Attitude makes a tremendous contribution in attaining the desired Altitude.  It is powerful thoughts that lead to pragmatic actions which transform to a persistent behaviour, over a period of time. The only Constant in life is  Change. Anyone aspiring to develop oneself, needs to analyse various perspectives with clarity, gain insights and further augment the necessary knowledge and skills. Thus Powerful Perspective is the catalyst that predominantly drives Personal Performance.

    Yatin has been passionate about leveraging peoples' capabilities. He has always been focussing on getting the best out of his associates. During his long-standing career, he has worked with people of different nationalities, cultures, professions, leadership levels etc.  He firmly believes that ordinary talent can achieve extra-ordinary performance, through astute stewardship.

    It is this conviction that has made 'Powerful Perspectives' a reality today.

    Having witnessed Yatin's active involvement and profound  engagement in anything he does,  I am certain that there will be several beneficiaries of this pioneering initiative.

    K T Rajan
    Technology evangelist & Industry veteran, British Chevening Scholar
  • Yatin has been known to me for over 20 years both professionally and personally. Having worked with him at a country level as well as at the region level, I am aware that Yatin is a perfectionist at whatever he does. He can get in very detailed analysis of any situation to get to the bottom of the matter for appropriate decision making. Persistence and follow up of Yatin is unparalleled till the results are delivered. It was a pleasure to work with Yatin and also get to know his family closely when we worked together in Bangalore as well as Hong Kong. Has a great 'Yatinic' sense of humour and great temperament. Was a pleasure and a pain to work with due to his persistent follow ups.

    Ramanathan Sundaram
    AVP Finance - APACMEA, Allergan
  • I had great pleasure working with Yatin Samant during my tenure in Allergan, India. I would like to recommend Yatin for the incredible support, friendship and inspiration he has provided me at Allergan. He has a strong combination of structured thought process, sense of responsibility and infectious enthusiasm towards his work.

    With his vast experience in top management as thought leader and professional he enjoys challenges and these bring out the best for business. He brings in brilliant mix of thinking & communication - all based on solid foundation of logic. Thus, has always been a strong coach and mentor for his team. He has always sought a win-win solution with business partners to make the relationship mutually rewarding.

    I wish him best for his next personal venture in Leadership and Development.

    Siddharth Paramhans
    GM Sales & Marketing - Alembic Pharma, Vice President – Sentiss Pharma, Head Sales - Allergan India
  • Yatin has played a significant role in the progression of my career. He always sees and makes others see not beyond the obvious but just the obvious. I have learnt a lot from him especially in looking deep at the cause of any strategy / activity and bring in accountability on the effect. While he always has answers for many questions his strength is to come up with questions for many answers. In the process, we end up getting new perspectives by focusing on ourselves and our abilities than looking for any external support. His inputs on business strategies are applicable across industries. This means that any leader who gets the perspective right can be successful irrespective of what industry he or she represents. Yatin's ability to make ideas simple yet profound makes it attractive for us to accept and internalise. I have been a personal beneficiary of his visionary thinking and I have been lucky to be part of some path breaking initiatives which paved way for extraordinary growth of individuals and the organisation. In the last 20 years, every interaction with him has been a thought provoking one, with a purpose attached to it. I am happy to have gained a lot in the process.

    Sridhar Ranganathan
    Managing Director, Allergan India Ltd
  • Yatin Samant has always been a very thinker and motivator. Having worked with him for several years at an American healthcare MNC, I can say that he articulates with simple yet powerful examples.

    Some I can immediately recall are - Accountability; or Gaining more perspectives in order to perform to the fullest potential of an individual; or coaching to help senior managers better recognize their own capabilities they were hitherto blind to.

    His decades of leadership expertise across multiple Industries brings valuable insights and examples which the senior managers and leaders can utilize well.

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