A suite of actionable and engaging products that deliver to the business objective.
Win Within Win

The product aimed at creating larger clarity & opening audience’s mind to as yet unknown, higher level of concept in Business Success, especially suited to Service Industry – comes in the form of an...  n enlightening, guided presentation, delivered in an interactive mode.  more

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Busyness to Business

The product – which is equally a consultancy as is coaching product, is aimed at, first creating awareness about high acuteness about commonly found mind condition called 'Busyness', then to lead the...  audience to understand reasons, results of that state and provide method, tools & mechanisms to break the Chakravyuh in a guided presentation coupled with planning exercise with the tool kit.  more

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Conscious Parenting

The product is aimed at helping create responsible citizens by working at the roots (parents) via creating right awareness & awakening in parents about their role to their children & by doing that, to...  the Nation in an interactive workshop format.  more

Maid to Mother

The product entails 4 components which could be availed sequentially or independently. Awareness of concept, Customised session for a cohesive work group, Complete diagnosis of organisations work team...  across spectrum & Organisation’s transformation program for chosen individuals.  more

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Service Ethos

Service is not a Job, it is a Cause. Job is what you do to get paid – Like for a Maid. Cause is always higher than you – Like for a Mother. It is a distinction between Care v/s Labour. It is about...  the conviction that customer success is not just a better way but the ONLY way to our success.  more

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Orientation Workshop

Orientation Workshop covers topics like self awareness, career progression, human resonance, purpose of life, problem solving, value creation, self management, get beyond self, employee engagement, customer...  tomer centricity and wholesome working - Body & Soul.  more

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Executive Coaching

There is a decisive difference between an outstanding performer & an ordinary one. It is not the ‘Talent deficit’ but a ‘Perspective deficit’. Most remain under leveraged not due capability gap,...  p, but being blind to what they can’t see. At Powerful Perspectives, Coaching is high value intervention for high performers in their journey to realize their full potential. The need for Coaching is eternal, everyone at every stage in life needs until there is unrealized potential. Coaching is different from other forms like Mentoring, Counselling & Consulting. Coaching helps in capability building whereas Mentoring, Consulting & Counselling tend to create dependence.  more


The Entrepreneur Growth Cycle represents the 6 stages of the journey that the business 'must' grow towards. From Groping to Liberation, this program helps the entrepreneurs to plan their business objectives,... tives, leadership time and business focus in the right direction within the defined framework of execution. It helps to bring a structure and remove chaos during the start and growth. Essentially, this program helps to realize the dreams in a more effective and structured way.  more

About Us

Powerful Perspectives is a program for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and Managers. What We Do is a function of What We See, therefore if we are able to hone our perspectives, we can achieve unimaginable results!

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