Whatever happens is for good - What happened to you was what was to happen

Biggest barriers for your success is You; if you can get past YOU; nothing is beyond you.

Is money Reason of your pursuit or Result of your pursuit

If you can’t do much / more do less , but whatever you do , do it well . You must excel in something

When you to evolve to see no job / task as ‘ Not my Job ‘ , there is Nothing beyond you , Nothing that you can not and Nothing that can deter you

In life true wealth is measured by not what you achieve for self , but by what you create for others , by how much you added to the Peace , Joy and Happiness of the World . Are you leaving the world richer because of you , than before you is the question .
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Powerful Perspectives is a program for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and Managers. What We Do is a function of What We See, therefore if we are able to hone our perspectives, we can achieve unimaginable results!

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