You & me could hold vastly different view on a matter & yet you could be right in your context, as much as I can be in my context, at the same time

Life is about Sense Making - Your world is 'inside' you !

The leadership challenge & ultimate differentiator is not about Talent deficit, but about Perspective deficit

We are neither the transactions nor their beneficiary - We are the 'space' in which the 'transactions' happen

If I can contribute towards making the World greater good, my share of the Greater Good , will always be Greater than Good !

Is Money ‘ Reason ‘ of your pursuit or ‘ Result ‘ of your pursuit. Money as a pursuit turns you into a ‘ Maid ‘ ; pursuit of a purpose leads to excellence , which fetches more money

Words in themselves have no ‘meaning ‘ , they are only carriers of the meaning that we assign / attach to them . Once we realize this, we will be in pursuit of sense making , creating meaning than creating words .
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Powerful Perspectives is a program for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and Managers. What We Do is a function of What We See, therefore if we are able to hone our perspectives, we can achieve unimaginable results!

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