From Past we should take learning, not regret. Regret takes us to Past, Learning takes us to Future

EGO is the biggest barrier to learning

When you convert your (provider’s) ‘Advantage’ into customer’s (user’s) ‘Advantage’ is when a meaningful product is created . Essentially when ingredients you have are converted into the recipe someone needs , is when a product is created

You cannot Empower anyone, until he/s he feels empowered. Empowerment is not about ‘giving’ or ‘gifting’ it is about feeling it from inside ; you can only facilitate someone’s empowerment process

Everything or being has two components: ‘Body’ & ‘Soul’. Value is created from the symphony between ‘Body’ & ‘Soul’. Body without Soul is dead & Soul is invisible without Body ( needs body to express itself )

Choose between LABOUR & CARE for your life approach: LABOUR is a transaction , which gets ‘ paid off ‘ – no one cares to remember ; CARE is in relationship mode , if you are in care mode – no one needs to belabour on anything . Care makes you indebted to … recall your parents v/s your maid – who are you indebted to Journey in life is to progress from Labour to Care

Whatever you do, Lazyness cannot be a Value & Postponement cannot be a Strategy

Is Money ‘ Reason ‘ of your pursuit or ‘ Result ‘ of your pursuit. Money as a pursuit turns you into a ‘ Maid ‘ ; pursuit of a purpose leads to excellence , which fetches more money

Value is created only in a proactive mode – reactive mode / chasing makes you a ‘Servant’

To create value , you need to be ‘ AHEAD ‘ , either of Time or Asking or Expectations

In life true wealth is measured by not what you achieve for self , but by what you create for others , by how much you added to the Peace , Joy and Happiness of the World . Are you leaving the world richer because of you , than before you is the question .

Words in themselves have no ‘meaning ‘ , they are only carriers of the meaning that we assign / attach to them . Once we realize this, we will be in pursuit of sense making , creating meaning than creating words .

Don’t Explain --- Influence, If you have done what you should not ; or if you could not do , what you should have --- don’t explain , it does not add any value as it does not alter the result. Instead focus energies on what you can of what you should do !

‘ Meaningful Engagement ‘ happens through following sequence: Desired destination -> Directed efforts -> Progressive milestones -> Self fulfillment
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