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Charity  … or  call it by whatever respectful name you prefer , a Donation or a Contribution ; have you thought of as to what would qualify as a ‘ good , meaningful ‘ charity .To my mind , there are 3 aspects which make for a ‘ good charity ‘ for it to be effective .#  As sages have said ; It needs to be a ‘ Satpaatri Daan ‘ … Must not only choose a worthwhile cause but also a                     worthy &n...

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Dissolving self is a surrender to a causeMany do not understand what surrendering is about … most believe it is either being a subservient or compromising / sacrificing or losing self & therefore rightfully ask … Why ? Is it worth ?Most do not understand what ‘ Surrender ‘ is . They mistake it as being subservient – secondary to some one or a forced sacrifice or an undesirable compromise ; that is why typical questions come to their minds , like : ‘ Why should I / Why should I al...

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Believer v/s Disbeliever

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ARE YOU A BELIEVER OR A SKEPTICIf you ask me what I’m asking you , I’d say everyone needs to be both : A Believer and a Disbeliever ( Skeptic )  On this , people who believe that the world has to be either black or white will turn disbeliever here by dismissing what I’m saying … they may legitimately want to know  : How . To me the question is not How , but When .The answer to the right question : When will be you be a believer & when a disbeli...

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Punascha Hari Om — I’m back

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Dear allI was keen to share my thoughts , experiences and create meaningful exchanges , when I started this blog 3 years back .I will always be keen to be visible and accessible with my blogs ; however my work pattern over past 1 & 1/2 years just got better of me in me not getting to blog for these 18 months , much against my wishI just couldn’t get to get my ( electronic ) pen to paper … this is unacceptable and the fault is entirely mine . On this great occassion of India’s Republic ...

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