An Alternative Approach to work...& Life!

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‘It’s not my job' is a very popularly heard phrase in the Corporate World – which is the flip side of an otherwise very useful tool called – Job Description (JD) . JD helps one more clarity on his / her role responsibility & what is expected from the role . Unfortunately most use JD to have clarity on what is not listed therein, to claim as ‘This is not my Job’ While above remains as the time tested, evergreen , conventional work approach , idea here is to present an alterna...

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LABOUR or CARE - What do you choose

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    There are two optional routes to approach to a task : LABOUR , CARE o    LABOUR §  Restricts to the ‘ body ‘ of work , understanding of task is through activities alone §  Approach is very transactional – ‘ what do I get for what I do ‘ §  Efforts may be sincere , hard -not aligned with ‘ why ‘ of ‘ what ‘ and  Self centric §  Finally , it is a Job , not a Cause you work for §  Labour approach is best exem...

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Value Creation

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I have a simple - home made - definition of what is adding valueIf whatever you are actively associated with , becomes different & better because of or with you than without you , then you have added value . And if this happens as a directed effort , in a definitive pattern , then you know how to add value - you are in a Value Creation businessI have another , simplistic ( again home made ) understanding of when value gets createdValue is created only when you do something AHEAD of...

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What Did I leave Behind

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It all began with me asking myself this routine question , before leaving a place . I did not understand the POWER of this innocuous sounding question , till when I paused to reflect on it . I realized , apart from an obvious physicality , it has many more dimensions if you care to hear what it means …. " What did I leave behind ", or rather " What am I leaving behind " can be such an anchoring thought - if you really listen to what it means , that can help keep us / our behavior in checkIf we...

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Get Beyond Self

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(Just back from Engagement ceremony of our dear Daughter ADITI  today , which also happens to be her Birthday . Chose this auspicious occasion to post this profound note which can bring in deep enlightenment and impact)There is a Sanskrit Subhashit ,which says that You are your Best Friend , as also your Worst Enemy . In effect on one hand all the ingredients to reach pinnacle are within us & on the other hand ; enormous power to hold us back from what we can be , also resides within us...

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KURI : Intent - Action Bridge

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It is my conviction that“ What you do” is a function of “ How you see “It is not “ What is “ , but what of what is happening , makes what sense to you will decide what you doTherefore Life is about ‘ Sense Making ‘ ; you ( need to ) constantly try & make ‘ sense ‘ of what is happening around you . You need to think & reflect on what is ( & will ) happening – as to what does it mean – is it good / bad , therefore what do I need to do … What sen...

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Win - Lose or Win - Win - Actually it is much Beyond that

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I am sure everyone is well familiar with ‘ Win-Lose ‘ , ‘ Win-Win ‘ scenarios and that everyone understands / enlightened on , how Win-Win is better , including in negotiations situationsHowever it is likely that you may not have heard that there is something beyond ‘ Win – Win ‘ & better and in fact worth striving for – though not so easy to reach there . You are unlikely to have known this before because no one told you , what I am going to share with you .I do not know wha...

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Sponge v/s Stone - You have a Choice

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# As a person , you can either choose to be a ‘Sponge ‘ or a ‘Stone ‘ .# A sponge has a tendency to absorb liquid poured on it , a stone does not . In a way a sponge is receptive to what it receives .#A sponge does not differentiate between (quality of )liquids poured on it nor does it apply selective judgement# Its structure follows its belief system . keenness to absorb is evident though very many pores it has on its surface – so that it can absorb as much as it possibly can# Consequ...

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Cartesian System - X and Y Coordinate axes

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Basis of Coordinate Geometry we learnt is the set of X ( Horizontal ) & Y ( Vertical ) Axes Cartesian system , with their intersection point at (0 , 0 ) coordinates , as the ‘ Origin ‘Here we take O as ‘ Origin ‘ and assign (0 , 0 ) as coordinates . This helps us to measure locational position of different other points ‘ from ‘ the Origin  . e.g. a point P which is away from O by 3 horizontal units & 4 vertical units is designated as ( 3 , 4 ) as its coord...

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Intuition and impulse , both may appear as ‘ flashes ‘ occurring to mind , without a logical deduction process ; however they differ on the source they come fromo Intuition comes from ‘ inside ‘ – it is a result of wisdom from accumulated & seasoned experience and abilities . It is a refined though conscious sense or feel .It is the evolution of Unconscious Competenceo Impulsive thought ( Impulse ) on the other hand appears on the surface — like a ripple on a water surface , it h...

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When I read in CVs of prospective candidates , I get scared to see liberal use of adjectives like Perfection or Excellence in Communication , because often , the reality is far from it . At most , many oversimplify to equate language proficiency with communication efficacy . Communication is beyond & in fact transcends language boundaries . An excellent communicator may not be bound by grammar of the language . Communication to me is about REACHING  …..Communication is not about sendi...

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Money is neither good nor bad . It is our intent and application which makes it appear coloured . It is important to understand how is money connected with each of us – what role it plays in our lifeThere are 2 categories of people : (i) One for whom Money is the reason of their work , (ii) There are others for whom Money is the result of their workMoney as Reasono Without ascribing any judgmental adjectives ( Good or Bad ) to the focus of these people , it is always on money … they work onl...

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Vaalya to Rishi Valmiki — Coaching Journey of Life

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To me , Naradmuni is World’s first & most Pioneering Coach who made a profound impact on world history with one of his most talked about human transformations – which turned Vaalya , the roadside dacoit to Valmiki who went on to become one of the most revered Sages , who wrote Ramayan .  :For the lesser initiated on the matter , here goes the story :Vaalya used to loot / kill unsuspecting passers by in Jungle as his way of earning & feeding self & family . One day Naradmuni ...

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Coaching is about creating awareness for the Client , bringing in meaningful realisations & help client get new insights . It may hence appear more knowledge focused — but Coaching is not preaching , hence it’s not about ‘ knowledge creation ‘  as an end objective ; but about it’s about application , it’s about maximising client advantage in reaching pre set goals . That requires action .Coaching is action oriented . Action is the catalyst to creating change .Action helps fo...

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Past Tense or Future Lens — What’s your choice

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Carryover from the past can be a burden , especially when unpleasant – not only that it causes pain but may make forward journey difficult . • In one of his lectures , I heard Deepak Chopra mentioning about the choice one has to make … ” Either be a victim of the past or be a pioneer of change ” • Does it mean we ‘ trash ‘ our entire past — not at all , but we need to decide what we choose from that o We can’t simultaneously live in 2 time zones . As much as we choose to be i...

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Respondinig v/s Reacting

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We tend to instinctively react to almost anything …. without delay & many times without thinking , though we many not be as quick & good in responding to othersThe difference is that while reactions happen like a reflex action — almost in a pre-programmed way , Responding needs some thinking  & thinking as we know can be demanding .Reaction can be mostly ‘ external ‘ / surface behaviour , corresponding to some external triggers , whereas responding is an ‘ internal ‘...

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Holding a Perspective

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Perspective is a way of looking at things , each one has his / her own . This essentially meansYou see what you believe . How you perceive things is as much an ‘ internal ‘ event — views you hold , as is external — due to circumstances . Some times reality as in circumstances can aid awareness or even shift of a perspective .It’s like wearing coloured glasses , many times without being conscious about itWhile each one is entitled to his / her own viewpoint . Problem is not in holding a...

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Significance of committment

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Commitment starts in the mind  – much before it finds a visible translation . It is about things we consider are appropriate & need to be done ; however it doesn’t become a commitment until our heart buys in – when it becomes , things we want to doWithout involvement ( of heart ) it’s actually a non sustainable ritual we force ourselves intoCommitments need to be strongly rooted in our underlying beliefs , without which it cannot sustainActions which we commit to , become ‘ sy...

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Coaching Reflection :Responsibility — Sense of ownership

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Responsibility is about ‘ owning up ‘  .When one has it he / she does not need to be told what to do, each time .No amount of checklists , reminders can really make up for the absence of sense of responsibility .It’s a position of strength , it presupposes that the control is in your hand . Blaming others is a position of weakness as it presupposes that nothing was in your hand .The lever / control center for sense of responsibility is ‘ internal ‘ to us ; it’s when we don’t h...

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3 Things about Coaching

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This is with a priory disclaimer for  other practitioners & Academicians , what I’m going to say below — while it may have been helped by nourishment of prior thoughts from various sources — it may not conform to any ‘ formal definitions ‘ or ‘ technically correct ‘ textbook matter .I have a habit of doing ‘ Cow chewing model ‘ on my thought process , where I absorb various thoughts , gulp down , bring them up for re chewing –reflect / analyse / connect & assimil...

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Role of Values

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# Each of us has a set of values – stated / unstated ; in conscious awareness / subliminal , which act as anchors to our behaviours , it has to do with our sense of what is right / wrong , what is / is not good .# Our values guide our behavior . Whatever we do , each of us has a sense , deep within , of  whether we what did was ‘ right ‘ or ‘ wrong ‘ regardless of the ‘ face ‘ we put up for the world . If what we do is right / aligned with our values & belief system , ther...

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Coaching Reflections : Creating Awareness

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I plan to bring in here in this fortnightly column Thoughts , Learning , Observations on different aspects of coaching — some of my own & some via interactions / reflections with my colleagues & friends . In effect , it’s the essence of what I understand — made available to wider audienceToday , I start with thoughts on Awareness — something very core to a coaching processActing without being aware is like taking medication without diagnosing medical condition .Awareness is knowi...

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