Meaningful Engagement

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In differentiating between aimless activities routine and result oriented pursuit , in my popular management intervention product : “Busyness to Business” ; I have often used the phrase  - ‘ Meaningful engagement ‘ .  In  “Made to Mother”  - another of my unique Leadership Intervention I have said that Maids get busy , whereas Mothers – who work for no less hours , are meaningfully engagedWhile most instinctively relate to it , some of you felt interested for me...

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Value Creation

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I have a simple - home made - definition of what is adding valueIf whatever you are actively associated with , becomes different & better because of or with you than without you , then you have added value . And if this happens as a directed effort , in a definitive pattern , then you know how to add value - you are in a Value Creation businessI have another , simplistic ( again home made ) understanding of when value gets createdValue is created only when you do something AHEAD of...

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Two Tenets of Ownership : Custodian, Possession

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I always thought Ownership - means OWNERSHIP , complete commitment ! Like a Mother to a child or a driven person to a causeHowever my understanding matured & expanded through what I observed around me & learnt through them . It gave me so much clarity on two extremes of shades of ' Ownership ' as is being understood & practiced - I take it as my obligation to bring to you the same enlightenmentI have now come to realise that in practice there are two tenets of Ownership ( one intende...

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Sponge v/s Stone - You have a Choice

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# As a person , you can either choose to be a ‘Sponge ‘ or a ‘Stone ‘ .# A sponge has a tendency to absorb liquid poured on it , a stone does not . In a way a sponge is receptive to what it receives .#A sponge does not differentiate between (quality of )liquids poured on it nor does it apply selective judgement# Its structure follows its belief system . keenness to absorb is evident though very many pores it has on its surface – so that it can absorb as much as it possibly can# Consequ...

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Cartesian System - X and Y Coordinate axes

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Basis of Coordinate Geometry we learnt is the set of X ( Horizontal ) & Y ( Vertical ) Axes Cartesian system , with their intersection point at (0 , 0 ) coordinates , as the ‘ Origin ‘Here we take O as ‘ Origin ‘ and assign (0 , 0 ) as coordinates . This helps us to measure locational position of different other points ‘ from ‘ the Origin  . e.g. a point P which is away from O by 3 horizontal units & 4 vertical units is designated as ( 3 , 4 ) as its coord...

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Success of Democracy is in knowing where it ends

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Success of Democracy is in knowing where it ends  I do not know whether people who swear by Democracy , understand what it means . Let’s see howFor most it is unidirectionalThey understand it only in one way … from ‘ me to you ‘ & not from ‘ you to me ‘ . What it means is that I have full freedom to say & do what I like . You accepting my freedom is incumbent on you ( you don’t have a choice ) . If you don’t , you are intolerant . However the reverse is not true...

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Intuition and impulse , both may appear as ‘ flashes ‘ occurring to mind , without a logical deduction process ; however they differ on the source they come fromo Intuition comes from ‘ inside ‘ – it is a result of wisdom from accumulated & seasoned experience and abilities . It is a refined though conscious sense or feel .It is the evolution of Unconscious Competenceo Impulsive thought ( Impulse ) on the other hand appears on the surface — like a ripple on a water surface , it h...

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Believer v/s Disbeliever

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ARE YOU A BELIEVER OR A SKEPTICIf you ask me what I’m asking you , I’d say everyone needs to be both : A Believer and a Disbeliever ( Skeptic )  On this , people who believe that the world has to be either black or white will turn disbeliever here by dismissing what I’m saying … they may legitimately want to know  : How . To me the question is not How , but When .The answer to the right question : When will be you be a believer & when a disbeli...

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Responsible Parenting — What is that we are not doing for our beloved Children

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I came across news about 3 incidents which happened in the recent past ; they are 3 very different types of incidents , happened in 3 different cities and yet something struck me as a common thread running through them all .It is not important to recount vivid details of what happened , for reference I just do a quick recap here :(i)   4 Young college going friends died in Bangalore in car crash in what appears a case of reckless driving (ii) Accident which happened in a road tunnel in...

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Respondinig v/s Reacting

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We tend to instinctively react to almost anything …. without delay & many times without thinking , though we many not be as quick & good in responding to othersThe difference is that while reactions happen like a reflex action — almost in a pre-programmed way , Responding needs some thinking  & thinking as we know can be demanding .Reaction can be mostly ‘ external ‘ / surface behaviour , corresponding to some external triggers , whereas responding is an ‘ internal ‘...

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Significance of committment

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Commitment starts in the mind  – much before it finds a visible translation . It is about things we consider are appropriate & need to be done ; however it doesn’t become a commitment until our heart buys in – when it becomes , things we want to doWithout involvement ( of heart ) it’s actually a non sustainable ritual we force ourselves intoCommitments need to be strongly rooted in our underlying beliefs , without which it cannot sustainActions which we commit to , become ‘ sy...

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Values & Beliefs

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Values  & Beliefs …. seem very close , but I think distinction exists , however thin  . My understanding is that,  Values are kind of guidelines one has ( a self understood sense of Right , Wrong ) , whereas beliefs are what we believe as true ( valid for us ) like convictions . In a way values also have to be beliefs ( convictions ) though they go beyond being ( mere ) beliefs & actually guide or channel our behaviour — it’s a ‘ fall back ‘ mechanism of our cons...

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Role of Values

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# Each of us has a set of values – stated / unstated ; in conscious awareness / subliminal , which act as anchors to our behaviours , it has to do with our sense of what is right / wrong , what is / is not good .# Our values guide our behavior . Whatever we do , each of us has a sense , deep within , of  whether we what did was ‘ right ‘ or ‘ wrong ‘ regardless of the ‘ face ‘ we put up for the world . If what we do is right / aligned with our values & belief system , ther...

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Employee Value Proposition

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What role does a place of employment play…..is it a place for sustenance              ( which pays you get monthly salary ) , A place to pass – while away time , having  ( or wanting ) no better pursuit in life ,  A place to get stuck for a life time security or better still treat as a ‘ transit lounge ‘ to hang around till you find a better paying placeIn a professional set up , if there are rigorous standards on employee competence at entry ...

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What is the role of a manager , or anyone with a supervisory role responsibility ; is a common question  . I’m sure there will be a good number of right answers in classical management theory , but to me , there is only one answer . Essential purpose of a managerial responsibility is to  ‘ Add Value ‘ — making a positive change .  If things are different & better because of & with you ; you’ve added value . If on the other hand , things are no different with or w...

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