An Alternative Approach to work...& Life!

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‘It’s not my job' is a very popularly heard phrase in the Corporate World – which is the flip side of an otherwise very useful tool called – Job Description (JD) . JD helps one more clarity on his / her role responsibility & what is expected from the role . Unfortunately most use JD to have clarity on what is not listed therein, to claim as ‘This is not my Job’ While above remains as the time tested, evergreen , conventional work approach , idea here is to present an alterna...

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LABOUR or CARE - What do you choose

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    There are two optional routes to approach to a task : LABOUR , CARE o    LABOUR §  Restricts to the ‘ body ‘ of work , understanding of task is through activities alone §  Approach is very transactional – ‘ what do I get for what I do ‘ §  Efforts may be sincere , hard -not aligned with ‘ why ‘ of ‘ what ‘ and  Self centric §  Finally , it is a Job , not a Cause you work for §  Labour approach is best exem...

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Meaningful Engagement

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In differentiating between aimless activities routine and result oriented pursuit , in my popular management intervention product : “Busyness to Business” ; I have often used the phrase  - ‘ Meaningful engagement ‘ .  In  “Made to Mother”  - another of my unique Leadership Intervention I have said that Maids get busy , whereas Mothers – who work for no less hours , are meaningfully engagedWhile most instinctively relate to it , some of you felt interested for me...

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Value Creation

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I have a simple - home made - definition of what is adding valueIf whatever you are actively associated with , becomes different & better because of or with you than without you , then you have added value . And if this happens as a directed effort , in a definitive pattern , then you know how to add value - you are in a Value Creation businessI have another , simplistic ( again home made ) understanding of when value gets createdValue is created only when you do something AHEAD of...

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Life Cycle : Sequence of events post an Achievement

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I believe that every moment in our life has a reason to exist . Each moment needs to be recognised , acknowledged , respectfully received , cherished -while in it & when the momentary life of the moment is passed , it must be let go . The essence of a moment is to add Momentum , when it does that , its role is to move on . Hence while we should live each moment fully , we should leave it when it is over - not get stuck in it , simply because there is another moment knocking at our door . The...

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What Did I leave Behind

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It all began with me asking myself this routine question , before leaving a place . I did not understand the POWER of this innocuous sounding question , till when I paused to reflect on it . I realized , apart from an obvious physicality , it has many more dimensions if you care to hear what it means …. " What did I leave behind ", or rather " What am I leaving behind " can be such an anchoring thought - if you really listen to what it means , that can help keep us / our behavior in checkIf we...

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Get Beyond Self

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(Just back from Engagement ceremony of our dear Daughter ADITI  today , which also happens to be her Birthday . Chose this auspicious occasion to post this profound note which can bring in deep enlightenment and impact)There is a Sanskrit Subhashit ,which says that You are your Best Friend , as also your Worst Enemy . In effect on one hand all the ingredients to reach pinnacle are within us & on the other hand ; enormous power to hold us back from what we can be , also resides within us...

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Two Tenets of Ownership : Custodian, Possession

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I always thought Ownership - means OWNERSHIP , complete commitment ! Like a Mother to a child or a driven person to a causeHowever my understanding matured & expanded through what I observed around me & learnt through them . It gave me so much clarity on two extremes of shades of ' Ownership ' as is being understood & practiced - I take it as my obligation to bring to you the same enlightenmentI have now come to realise that in practice there are two tenets of Ownership ( one intende...

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Disappointment is less disappointing than frustration

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Disappointment , Frustration are very commonly used words ; especially in the context of Performance management or Stress management . Probably we use them interchangeably without much bothering to think what does each mean & if they both mean the sameBefore I do my ‘ sense making ‘ on this , I searched dictionary , to find following :Disappointment : “ Sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations.”Frustration : “ The feel...

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Human Resonance

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Resonance as a word , is better understood than defined in a dictionary . The very dry & restricted definition in a dictionary does not do justice to this beautiful & potent concept — so here is my sense making on ‘ Resonance ‘Resonance is a state of matter where it feels abundance of energy – free flow at will , for attaining fulfillmentWe probably first heard it in our Physics Lab in school in the context of a metal . In an experiment we were given a metal tong / fork to strike...

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Wrong Hire - Cost of Existence

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Talent management , Employee retention are getting to be of paramount focus for organisations & rightfully so . Increasingly it will be about our ability to spot talent , attract , nurture & our ability to create Human / Talent Resonance ( best alignment between an employee’s talent with the role requirement ) , which will be our differentiator & decider for outstanding success—it is going to be less & less about Knowledge , Capital or even TechnologyAttrition is the opposite...

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Win - Lose or Win - Win - Actually it is much Beyond that

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I am sure everyone is well familiar with ‘ Win-Lose ‘ , ‘ Win-Win ‘ scenarios and that everyone understands / enlightened on , how Win-Win is better , including in negotiations situationsHowever it is likely that you may not have heard that there is something beyond ‘ Win – Win ‘ & better and in fact worth striving for – though not so easy to reach there . You are unlikely to have known this before because no one told you , what I am going to share with you .I do not know wha...

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Trader or Business Outlook

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I found that approaches / outlook different people hold for work or even life can be categorized into two distinct buckets : Trader mentality or  Businessman mentality . The way I am using this terminology here ; the words : Trader , Businessman , do not denote actual professions they represent , but to describe ‘ mentality ‘ or ‘ approach ‘ with different peopleSince I believe ; ‘ What you do ‘ is a function of ‘ How you see ‘ ; people with these two mentalities have two di...

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Right Selection, not Recruitment

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The more I have work on Strategies , more I traverse through the landscape with Successes & Failures & the more I learn about Business , the more & more I am convinced that — Strategy / no strategy , Technology / no technology ; the most fundamental factor for sustained business success is RIGHT  people  . Right human resource is a multiplier & wrong resource is a dividerTherefore Right Selection is a fundamental business process for an Organisation — it’s fi...

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When I read in CVs of prospective candidates , I get scared to see liberal use of adjectives like Perfection or Excellence in Communication , because often , the reality is far from it . At most , many oversimplify to equate language proficiency with communication efficacy . Communication is beyond & in fact transcends language boundaries . An excellent communicator may not be bound by grammar of the language . Communication to me is about REACHING  …..Communication is not about sendi...

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Focus On SELF – Get BETTER

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Where should one focus on : Self or Others ?Majority is focused on others … they derive their sense of self relative to others , because they do not really know selfWhat is missed out is attention / focus on self , as a result , they miss out majorly on self enhancement . They spend their time , energy and attention in either criticizing or ( corrective ) advising others , with an implicit base line assumption that , ‘ there is nothing that needs to be changed in me ‘ . In any case , there...

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Customer is the King . Ask any one who has had some exposure to formal college education or who has heard of ‘ Consumerism ‘ , he will surely say , Consumer always comes firstAnd yet you see what most organizations invariably do exactly the opposite – they are inwardly focused . They pursue their pre set financial goals , not customer needs , they are structured to suit internal admin logistics not aligned with serving customers , they produce what suits their abilities not customer needs ...

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Dissolving self is a surrender to a causeMany do not understand what surrendering is about … most believe it is either being a subservient or compromising / sacrificing or losing self & therefore rightfully ask … Why ? Is it worth ?Most do not understand what ‘ Surrender ‘ is . They mistake it as being subservient – secondary to some one or a forced sacrifice or an undesirable compromise ; that is why typical questions come to their minds , like : ‘ Why should I / Why should I al...

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Coaching is about creating awareness for the Client , bringing in meaningful realisations & help client get new insights . It may hence appear more knowledge focused — but Coaching is not preaching , hence it’s not about ‘ knowledge creation ‘  as an end objective ; but about it’s about application , it’s about maximising client advantage in reaching pre set goals . That requires action .Coaching is action oriented . Action is the catalyst to creating change .Action helps fo...

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Exciting Alternative Business Approach — Come , be a part of it

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I’m working on an interesting project of embarking on an unconventional Business model , but no less viable , no less exciting . It’s prompted by an opportunity I had to closely observe business conduct of a few organisations I am recently associated with . This will involve a lot of work : Research , Observation , Analysis , Conceptualisation , Hypothesis building & testing …. At the end , success is not guaranteed , but what keeps me going is my conviction that we’d discover an alt...

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How Adequate is Adequate

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Adequacy / inadequacy are not physical boundaries but , states of mind , it depends on what you believe . That’s why what is adequate for one may not be so for someone else , similarly what was adequate today , may not be same tomorrow or vice versaWhat is a good fashion ?… there is no one all encompassing answer , fitting all . Good fashion for a person is what he / she can carry off comfortably & confidently . That’s why if someone is awkward wearing the most trendiest of clothing , ...

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Holding a Perspective

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Perspective is a way of looking at things , each one has his / her own . This essentially meansYou see what you believe . How you perceive things is as much an ‘ internal ‘ event — views you hold , as is external — due to circumstances . Some times reality as in circumstances can aid awareness or even shift of a perspective .It’s like wearing coloured glasses , many times without being conscious about itWhile each one is entitled to his / her own viewpoint . Problem is not in holding a...

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Wisdom is Universal –Convergence of Knowledge

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Following are some of ‘ free flowing thoughts ‘ …. they are expressions from the fields of my feels & creative imagination . Disclaimer is that this is neither a researched scientific theory nor a validated postulation … These thoughts may have a potential of being true but we don’t know as yet . Currently they are purely ‘ interesting thoughts ‘ for reading o    Wisdom is one . ‘ Individual wisdom ‘ if any , is a part of one ‘ Universal wisdom ‘o&nb...

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Knowledge & Intelligence –What is ‘ what ‘ ?

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Disclaimer : These thoughts are my convictions , my personal possessions — they are not purported to be a well researched intellectual theorising — they don’t need to be or even intended to be . That they appear to come from my experience & inner space ( & therefore ‘ real ‘ to me ) & interesting reading is reason enough for me to share with you ALL !To me knowledge is at the surface like clothes on body whereas intelligence is more innate / underlining, like constitution (...

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Coaching Reflection :Responsibility — Sense of ownership

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Responsibility is about ‘ owning up ‘  .When one has it he / she does not need to be told what to do, each time .No amount of checklists , reminders can really make up for the absence of sense of responsibility .It’s a position of strength , it presupposes that the control is in your hand . Blaming others is a position of weakness as it presupposes that nothing was in your hand .The lever / control center for sense of responsibility is ‘ internal ‘ to us ; it’s when we don’t h...

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Welcome to Enhancement Journey

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HiI’m very happy to see you here & want you to feel at home  !I feel obligated & elated at the same time to inaugurate my new blog under the Value Enhancer title — which happens to be its founding purpose .I’ve always worked with the conviction throughout my 26 +years of Corporate career & almost twice as much of a life journey , that the best purpose for any pursuit — which cuts across any initiative in any domain — is to  ” ADD VALUE  ”  . One can ...

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