Wisdom is Universal –Convergence of Knowledge

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Following are some of ‘ free flowing thoughts ‘ …. they are expressions from the fields of my feels & creative imagination . Disclaimer is that this is neither a researched scientific theory nor a validated postulation … These thoughts may have a potential of being true but we don’t know as yet . Currently they are purely ‘ interesting thoughts ‘ for reading 

o    Wisdom is one . ‘ Individual wisdom ‘ if any , is a part of one ‘ Universal wisdom ‘

o   Wisdom ( on a particular matter ) expresses itself on different tracks / streams of life like Science , culture , literature , philosophy , religion , common sense …. Whatever path ; it is my conviction & experience that it will ( on that matter ) always & should converge

o    e.g. Einstein’s take on : “ Energy is neither created nor destroyed , it merely changes form “  is exactly same as prehistoric understanding in Hindu philosophy on Soul …. Universal Soul is neither created not destroyed , it takes different forms / shapes . One inside each living being is a part of that greater soul which eventually merges when it leaves a body .

# Wisdom is Universal — within & around

o    It’s connecting the ‘ inner space ‘ with the ‘ outer space ‘ for download / update .

o    It’s like internet , ‘ cloud ‘ which is invisible , but everywhere – unlimited in space ; like internet we need to connect / tap into it . Whenever we have been able to ‘ connect ‘ we get downloads – though being able to connect is the challenge . Some can do it some time , some have been able to do it most of the time & some never .

o    It’s this space ( cloud ) where effectively all of us can be connected . This is the ‘ Common space ‘  where  phenomenon of ‘ signals ‘ , ‘ messages ‘ ‘ intuition ‘ , ‘ tuning into someone’s wavelength’  may be taking place  . In fact if two minds have ‘ dialed into ‘ this space , there is a possibility of connecting with each other ; or so to say do a ‘ wireless / blue tooth transfer ‘ of thoughts  . It may be that these physical technologies we have ( invented ) have a parallel in these para-human knowledge mechanisms . To stretch this a little further , invention of such technologies may be happening via a wireless transfer from the ‘ cloud of wisdom ‘

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