LABOUR or CARE - What do you choose

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  There are two optional routes to approach to a task : LABOUR , CARE


§  Restricts to the ‘ body ‘ of work , understanding of task is through activities alone

§  Approach is very transactional – ‘ what do I get for what I do ‘

§  Efforts may be sincere , hard -not aligned with ‘ why ‘ of ‘ what ‘ and  Self centric

§  Finally , it is a Job , not a Cause you work for

§  Labour approach is best exemplified by a ' Maid '

o    CARE

§  Focuses on the ‘ soul ‘ of work , understanding task through connecting with the purpose

§  Approach is of ‘ Ownership’ , of long term relationship

§  Efforts are aligned with purpose and much Customer centric

§  Finally it is a Cause you work for , which is higher than self

§  A ' Mother '  embodies Care

       Evolutionary journey in life requires to be from Labour to Care . It is a journey across concentric circles outward from the (self )center

       It is a choice one needs to make , preferably earlier than later

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