Knowledge & Intelligence –What is ‘ what ‘ ?

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Disclaimer : These thoughts are my convictions , my personal possessions — they are not purported to be a well researched intellectual theorising — they don’t need to be or even intended to be . That they appear to come from my experience & inner space ( & therefore ‘ real ‘ to me ) & interesting reading is reason enough for me to share with you ALL !

  • To me knowledge is at the surface like clothes on body whereas intelligence is more innate / underlining, like constitution ( operative mechanism ) of the body ,
  • Knowledge is like ‘ material ‘ can be acquired whereas intelligence is more intrinsic … it can be enhanced / augmented , yet continues to remain sub-level …. all pervasive yet invisible .
  • Knowledge is like a feed , fodder … not all of that we like (yet feel necessary to sustain ) not all of that is suitable or applicable to us . The quality of the feed & it’s suitability to one’s constitution will decide how much ‘ nourishment ‘  one would get out of it . Portion of the feed that is not suitable / usable gets ‘ thrown out ‘ …. whereas intelligence is my digestive ability
  • Knowledge & Intelligence have a link . Knowledge is ” what is ” , whereas intelligence is  ” ability to know , what to do with what is”  . While acquisition of knowledge does not need intelligence , we need intelligence to know what to do with the acquired ( or thrust ) knowledge .
  • On the other hand application of knowledge also can lead to some learning — which can feed into our ‘ body of intelligence ‘ & enrich it … just like the enrichment we get from the food we eat . Therefore knowledge ( like an appropriate diet ) can become raw material for intelligence .
  • Finally , Knowledge may Blow , but Intelligence will ( always ) Glow !
  • Intelligence is like gold with it’s intrinsic brightness , knowledge is like a glitter which can add value to the material but being on the surface , can ‘ peel off ‘ & expose , what is inside .

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