Incentivising v/s Bribing

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Is there a difference between Incentivising & Bribing  ?  For those who don’t think , these two sound different ; for those who can think , would not have thought so , but will get confused , once I ask this question & will start thinking .

In the first instance , when you start thinking deeper , it may appear to you more that both are in principle similar , the more you start thinking …. however think even deeper & the real difference will start getting clear to you .

  • Three points of difference :
    • Incentives are for reinforcing the right behavior … recognizing you for what you should be doing ; Bribe is inducing wrong behavior … tempting you to do what you should not be doing
    • It’s the reversal of “ Cause and Effect “ . Incentives is the RESULT of the reason ( your commitment to the task ) you work on ; whereas Bribe is THE REASON why you do the task ( result )
    • Incentive payout is in reposition of faith & that you may want to induce / reinforce a similar behavior again … whereas bribe payout is out of the distrust that even legitimate work will not happen without paying bribe & that you may not want it to be reinforced . Incentive payout is by choice , bribe paying is out of a compromise
  • Some people distinguish ( to reduce their guilt out of having to a bribe ) between ‘ Good bribe ‘ & a ‘ Bad bribe ‘ . For them , a god bribe is & is called – Speed money , for expediting what is otherwise legitimate & above board ; whereas a bad bribe is for inducing an illegitimate act , something is not above board & what was not to be .
    • This argument sounds so temptingly logical to believe , however the danger is that if you buy in here , you will lose your discretion to differentiate between Good & Bad by the intent behind … if this gate is opened & if this anchor is given up , human intelligence can justify any act / behavior , depending on which of it you are .

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