Holding a Perspective

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  • Perspective is a way of looking at things , each one has his / her own . This essentially means
    • You see what you believe . How you perceive things is as much an ‘ internal ‘ event — views you hold , as is external — due to circumstances . Some times reality as in circumstances can aid awareness or even shift of a perspective .
    • It’s like wearing coloured glasses , many times without being conscious about it
  • While each one is entitled to his / her own viewpoint . Problem is not in holding a perspective very different from other , but not being aware & respectful of a fact that some other reality ( some body else’s view point ) can exist as legitimately as is yours to you .
    • There is no harm holding our convictions , as long as that does not limit us to believe that , ours is the only / correct way ….. there may be many different ways of looking at the same thing & all can be valid
  • Without diluting one’s convictions , it’s important to periodically review & challenge our own perspective on anything . Just as perspectives can vary across different minds , they are likely to vary across time periods for the same person on the same issue . Our convictions need not blind us to this , in fact convictions can be a result of this review
  • Creating awareness about one’s own perspective & encouraging a shift where necessary is a key task in coaching .
    • Reframing –Shift in perspective – is about bringing in the consciousness that there can be many ways , beyond our way of thinking – which is a liberation of sorts by helping opening up of mind .
  • Not always , but sometimes our perspective can be limiting our thinking or options . Hence sometimes when we feel stuck or not being helped , it may actually be a perspective which is disempowering ; it’s useful to ascertain that , to open ourselves to more possibilities .
  • What is important in case of a perspective is not whether in itself it can be right or wrong but whether it does / how does it help its holder towards his / her objective

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