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  • Charity  … or  call it by whatever respectful name you prefer , a Donation or a Contribution ; have you thought of as to what would qualify as a ‘ good , meaningful ‘ charity .
  • To my mind , there are 3 aspects which make for a ‘ good charity ‘ for it to be effective .

#  As sages have said ; It needs to be a ‘ Satpaatri Daan ‘ … Must not only choose a worthwhile cause but also a                     worthy          receiver . Remember it is not you feeling good about having done a ‘ good deed ‘ by donating                            something , it has to create the intended advantage at the receiver end . No amount of fertilizers , water & labour                  can help grow in a barren land . You need to find an ‘ accepting ‘ if not fertile land for the contribution to take root

# Donation / contribution must be made with purest purpose , with full devotion & not as a transaction of reciprocity                  … a contribution – complete in itself , without any expectation / ROI in mind

#  You must be able to ‘ completely forget ‘ what you gave to whom , the next moment you give it out . Even a trace                  of memory will have strings of expectations & disappointments attached . You should be able to detach with your ‘                  charity ‘ so much that after you donate , if the receiver trashes it with full contempt or ‘ wastes ‘ it or even sells it , it                should not cause even a ripple or a crease on your mind and heart .

  •        Following above 3 qualifiers is also a test of how much you are driven by the cause . If cause is the reason you are doing charity , following above 3 steps will be ‘ natural ‘ to you . However YOU are the reason , you are doing charity ; if you are doing it to project you , you will not understand , what I’ve said above . In true charity — true contribution , you need to surrender to the cause , so that you get dissolved & only the cause remains .
  • Same is true for any contribution we make to Businesses , Individuals , Nation !

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