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Where should one focus on : Self or Others ?

  • Majority is focused on others … they derive their sense of self relative to others , because they do not really know self
  • What is missed out is attention / focus on self , as a result , they miss out majorly on self enhancement . They spend their time , energy and attention in either criticizing or ( corrective ) advising others , with an implicit base line assumption that , ‘ there is nothing that needs to be changed in me ‘ . In any case , there is nothing you can do about changing some one else ; it is only you yourself , who you have a complete control on .
  • My advise to them is to just focus on ‘ SELF ‘ , with a keen desire for continuous self evolution , along 3 aspects – just ask yourself following :
    • Focus / introspect on “ What have I gained from life “ rather than what I missed out in life
    • Ask “ What are the next 3 points I need to improve on as a better person , rather than criticizing others
    • For any issue under consideration ( be it personal , work related , social , political ) ask self “ What can I do to help address the matter ( or make things better ) “ rather than legitimizing that … some one else needs to work on this
    • Ask yourself everyday : ” Am I a better person today than I was yesterday ”  … keep the journey on , relentlessly

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