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When I read in CVs of prospective candidates , I get scared to see liberal use of adjectives like Perfection or Excellence in Communication , because often , the reality is far from it . At most , many oversimplify to equate language proficiency with communication efficacy . Communication is beyond & in fact transcends language boundaries . An excellent communicator may not be bound by grammar of the language . Communication to me is about REACHING  …..

  • Communication is not about sending , it is about reaching
    • Communication is what recipient receives , not what the sender sends . If both are different , try understanding recipient’s mind .
    • Establishing communication is about ‘ connecting ‘ . Mechanisms to ‘ send out ‘ message does not ensure connectivity – which has to do with ‘ reaching out ‘
  • Communication is not about providing information , it is about creating intended impression
    • Success of communication is measured by the change it brings in , vis-à-vis the desired goal , not by who did / did not send what mail to whom and when

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