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What is the role of a manager , or anyone with a supervisory role responsibility ; is a common question  . I’m sure there will be a good number of right answers in classical management theory , but to me , there is only one answer . Essential purpose of a managerial responsibility is to  ‘ Add Value ‘ — making a positive change .  If things are different & better because of & with you ; you’ve added value . If on the other hand , things are no different with or without you , you’re irrelevant to the context .

Today we do not need human skills to  maintain ‘ status quo’  . Things which are of routine nature & indifferent to human intervention can be easily ‘ automated  ‘ in a much disciplined & efficient way . Today we need managers who can make a ( positive ) change  , those who can drive things , those who can influence destinies & shape lives ! Quite simply , if you can’t make a difference , organizations can run without you . Your existence is defined not by the title you carry , but by the difference you make  !

Adding value is an all pervasive concept –applies to life in general  . You can add value to a person , to a product / service , to a process …to almost anything & anybody who you come in contact with ( & no body stops you from expanding your domain ! ) you can add value to people via knowledge, skills ; to process by making it more simple / effective or cost efficient , you can add value to product , customer , quality , company image etc .  – that’s the Midas touch management is looking for  ; that’s what sets one manager apart from another , an achiever from a non performer .

It calls for persistent application , , investment of time & skills , an inner drive & above all an incessant passion to make a difference . It takes a supreme belief in self that one can make a difference & a sense of purpose that one OUGHT to make a difference .

Today organizations are no longer happy with just ‘ Surviving ‘ . The race is to excel , to be right at the top .  Today adding value , is no longer ‘ icing on cake ‘ –it’s the Cake , it’s the soul of existence . I’d put it as a most prime managerial obligation !

Adding value is what each of us can ( & need to ) do to each other …which is what parents can do to their progenies ; friends can do to friends , spouses can do to each other , …. you don’t have to be even related to some one to add value . Don’t you add value to some stranger’s morning by flashing a smile !

Imagine if we help each other improve , do better , share the skills & knowledge we’ll only push the collective ability levels much higher , joys can be multiplied & the world can be better enriched & equipped . All of this doesn’t have to cost always .

To me therefore ‘ Adding value ‘ is a human value , a basic obligation we’ve to ourselves & to those we connect with .

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