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    You & me could hold vastly different view on a matter & yet you could be right in your context, as much as I can be in my context, at the same time.

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With 34 years of corporate experience Yatin Samant brings with him, proven track record of successful business outcomes. His strength also lies in making organisations ready for the scale up from ‘ Person dependence’ to ‘ Process driven ‘ stage by setting strong foundation of systems , processes , and mechanisms.

Yatin Samant
Founder - Powerful Perspectives

With 34 years of corporate experience Yatin Samant brings with him, proven track record of successful business outcomes. He has worked in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and General Management, across a diverse range of industries in India and Asia Pacific. His work experience spans different business phases of an organization , like a startup’s life cycle from base zero to growth and in few cases turn around. Yatin has the experience of heading strategic business units and managing Profit & Loss positions for corporates for over 20 years. His big achievement has been taking an organization from Rs 2 crores to 200 crores in a decade.

His strength also lies in making organisations ready for the scale up from ‘ Person dependence’ to ‘ Process driven ‘ stage by setting strong foundation of systems , processes , and mechanisms

Yatin’s experience spans across industries beginning with Confectionery, Eye care, Healthcare, Alcoholic Beverages ,Textiles, Pharmaceuticals to NGOs in India and abroad. This spectrum of diversity added to his experience, enriched him as an individual and strengthened his ability to quickly grasp the context, connect the dots and cross leverage best management practices .

Yatin’s Corporate assignments in the recent past have been in various roles from CEO, Country Director and Managing Director for MNCs with a region that extended to South and West Asia. He has been associated with Handiman Services Ltd, smmart Training & Consultancy Services, Shalina Healthcare Ltd Dubai, Clinton Foundation – HIV AIDS, Allergan India / Asia Pacific .

Certified Personal Coach –PCC level, with ICF, USA.
A member of ICF & several coaching groups in India
Over 150 articles to his credit
34 years of corporate experience across various industries

He has been a visiting faculty at renowned management institutes in Bangalore. Besides his various roles, he is an independent director on the Board of a large organization in the Education sector. He is a certified Personal Coach –PCC level, with ICF, USA. As a part of PCC course requirement he wrote an original research paper, titled: Head and Heart way to decision making –Application in coaching (2012).

Yatin’s interest is in exploring human mind for mapping right behaviour. His exposure to diverse industries across geographies and cultures gives him a deep understanding of complex issues and human psyche. His passion is to add value to people by making a meaningful difference. His competencies are aligned to helping people for enhanced performance by asking the right questions and invoking insights for self development.

Yatin’s legacy is his personal belief in the concept of Powerful Perspectives which revolves around working on individual’s mind space to best bring out individual’s intrinsic worth. In his mentoring and coaching , enhancing a person’s perspective has been Yatin’s forte..

He is an excellent communicator, with wide perspective, strategic thinking, and leadership development. Add to that, customer focus, action orientation and capacity building which form the very foundations for his coaching.

High clarity , courage of conviction , ability to find solutions are some of the foundational strengths he brings to the table.

Yatin has been brilliant academically and has many scholarships to his credit including Rotary Club’s Best Student Award, National Talent, (NCERT), National Merit and Open Merit Scholarships (SSC & HSC). He has been a rank holder having stood 16th in his State Board Exam.

He is an avid sports enthusiast. His interests lie in Cricket, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, and Tennis. Yatin is a member of ICF &several coaching groups in India. He is an active blogger too. A prolific writer, Yatin has over 150 unpublished Articles / Poetry. He has also published two works on Marathi poetry. .

Yatin lives in Bangalore with his wife Riddhi, daughter Aditi who is a Chartered Accountant working at PWC, and son Ishaan who is currently in high school.

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About Powerful Perspectives

Though most of us are comparable in intelligence and capabilities, all do not achieve the same level of professional success. Research suggests that most people remain underleveraged in life to the extent of 95%. The biggest barrier that prevents anyone from reaching his/her maximum potential is the SELF: thoughts, beliefs, values, philosophy, biases, judgments, opinions.

It is my conviction that 'What you do' is a function of 'how you see'. One's world is in his mind - not external. Hence, if one desires a substantially significant world, the change should begin right there - in one's mind. Perspectives have to be evolved, wisdom to be invoked - that is the beginning of solution to practically any problem in the world.

Different situations at work, and Life in general are similar to the "Elephant and Five Blind people" story. Five visually challenged people in the story are asked to describe an Elephant. Each of them have a different take on the animal. An individual's perspective was not wrong, yet was incomplete to fathom the animal that the elephant was.

In real world, each situation is an elephant and each of us - one blind man. What Yatin does is bring to you the perspective of other four blind men, to equip you with the complete picture of an Elephant. This in turn empowers you with a larger set of more informed choices to leverage your full potential.

In the leadership race, it is not Talent but Perspective deficit, which makes a decisive difference between an average performer and an outstanding one.

Under "Powerful Perspective" the advantage is aimed at building:

  • Clarity
  • Insight
  • Distinctive viewpoint

Thus, building Powerful Perspectives is about working on your mind space, to help open up and enhance a person's perspective which enables the person to see many options and thereby, the world of opportunities.

About Us

Powerful Perspectives is a program for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and Managers. What We Do is a function of What We See, therefore if we are able to hone our perspectives, we can achieve unimaginable results!

Phone: +91 99860 34443

Email: yatin@powerfulperspectives.coach

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